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Candace Cox

Who uses the Alexander Technique?

Who uses the Alexander Technique?Balance is essential to all living creatures. When we are off balance, we suffer on a mental and physical level. As well as the obvious dangers of falling and sustaining injury that being chronically off-balance can bring, a lack of balance is one of the first indicators of the onset of dementia or Alzheimers Disease.

Reverend Mugo

Reverend Mugo has studied the Alexander Technique with Candace.

It is only logical to infer that by correcting our physical balance while we still can choose to do so, we are increasing our ability to stay fit mentally and physically as we age. For anyone interested in self-improvement the Alexander Technique is an obvious choice. As well, it is actively persued by:

* Actors, singers, dancers and performers of all kinds who wish to enhance and deepen their skills.

"I was born with no natural aptitude. I wasn't pretty. I moved with no grace at all. I auditioned for the London Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts but was not accepted. When I was finally admitted to Central School of Speech and Drama and showed up at my first movement class with my hump back and wearing a leotard, the movement teacher said, "Oh God." He sent me to the head of the school who then sent me to study the Alexander Technique with Dr. Wilfred Barlow. That whole semester I took Alexander lessons instead of attending movement classes which helped me enormously in my training and in subsequent years in my acting work. Now I can play people who are graceful and beautiful."
Lynn Redgrave, actress
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* Horseback riders and other athletes.
"Through the Alexander Technique I was able to rehabilitate my running after 25 years of being unable to run through injuries, to the extent that I was able to set ten world records for veterans in 1982."
Paul Collins, Canadian National Marathon Champion 1949-52 and veterans world record holder.
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* People suffering from chronic pain.
"Lessons in the Alexander Technique taught me how to sit in a state of lumbrosacral poise, and my chronic low back pain gradually became cured. The Technique is true education. Compared to surgery (e.g. for low back pain or for chronic obstructive lung disease) a course of instruction is inexpensive."
John H.M. Austin, MD, Professor of Radiology; Chief, Division of Radiology
Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY

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