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Candace Cox

Candace Cox (BFA, ATI, CANSTAT)

Candace Cox, Alexander Technique TeacherA man should first direct himself in the way he should go. Only then should he instruct others.

Candace’s journey began by training as an actor, many moons ago, which led to her exposure to the Alexander Technique. The principles of this work prompted her – to her complete surprise – to move to London, England where she trained as an ATech teacher with David Gorman. She has continued to explore and teach the Alexander Technique for the past 15 years, first in England, then across Western Canada.

Candace maintains a large private studio and has taught and learned from people in all walks of life, particularly those in chronic pain. However, her passion remains the performing arts, and she has been on the Faculty of Opera Nuova for eleven years, as well as teaching on the BFA Conservatory Acting program at the University of Alberta for the past decade. Other institutions she has spent time with include: the University of Toronto, the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Regina, the Regina Globe Theatre, the Stratford Festival of Canada, and Concordia University, as well as the Parkinson’s and Scleroderma Societies of Alberta.

This summer, Candace and her family changed home base from Edmonton, Alberta to a small farm near Castleton, Ontario in the Cobourg/Brighton area. They are restoring a 200 year-old grist mill with an eye to developing an intimate performance space and studio setting where performers can collaborate, develop, and experiment in a supportive atmosphere and pastoral setting.

She takes regular teaching trips back to the West, is working on a book, and is excited to get to know ‘the other side’ of Canada.